Every year we make certain resolutions for the new year. Memsaab does a list of Resolutions as well. Some years we came out with resolutions that could change your life. We did funny resolutions sometimes. This year, we have resolved to not advise you about resolutions, seriously or in humor. This year we have decided to give “resolution” advice only to our celebrities.

Resolutions for Celebrities

Hritik Roshan: This has not been a good year for Hritik. The first resolution he should make is never to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali again! The next one should probably be to convince his father to direct all his movies. Nobody else can do the job as well as he does.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Going by the kind of work she has done lately, this non-actress should probably resolve never to try acting again! If not that, then at least never to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali or Abhishek Bachchan. A “weight loss” resolution can do her a lot of good.

Akshay Kumar: Seriously speaking, Akki baba should resolve to give us a break from his brand of comedy. A nice action flick would be great if he can still manage it. But please get off the funny-movie drugs!

Salman Khan: He probably does it every year. But we still advise him to resolve to NOT get married this year. Getting a wife just isn’t his style. Imagine, if Sallu got married how many hearts would it break?

Katrina Kaif: Kat should resolve to put on a little weight. If she has been trying to follow in Bebo’s footsteps, she should know that the ends result will also be akin to what Bebo looked like at Size Zero!

Manoj Tiwari: Manoj bhai should resolve to “think before he speaks”. If his enthusiastic slips of tongue in Bigg Boss are anything to go by, this man probably has very few friends. This resolutions could change that!

Ashmit Patel: The whole country knows that Ashmit doesn’t wash his own undies. Yuck! Mr Patel should reslve to learn how to wash his own undergarments and do it himself!

Veena Malik: Veenaji, you are good as you are. We wouldn’t want our rsolutions ideas to spoil you!

Sameer Soni: Only one advise Samir bhai, “Panga nahi lena”, especially when the opponent is a 7 footer!

Yana Gupta: The recent “no chaddi” episode got Yana a lot of free publicity and a few offers too. Maybe her resolution should be to give up chaddis for good!

Elizabeth Hurley: She was caught kissing Shane Warne and next day she was twweting about her separation from husband Atul Nayar. Reports suggest that now she is trying to woo her husband back. Aaargh! Lizzie, please resolve to never be caught cheating on your husband!

With this we end our celebrity resolutions advice for the year. Honestly, we love our celebrities as they are. What fun it would be if they were all prim and proper? A little spice is always welcome, right? With this note we suggest that all Memsaabs out there should resolve to add color, fun and spice to their lives every day! Have a great New Year.

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