After Ra.One, one thing that Shahrukh Khan has proved to the world is that big dreams can be turned to reality. Who’s have thought that we would get to see such amazing special effects in an Indian film? SRK did, and we all saw the results. Yet, Ra.One is not the REAL AMBITION that Shahrukh Khan has nurtured for many years.

In a recent interview, SRK revealed that he has been thinking about making a trilogy on our very own MAHABHARTA. This is what King Khan says, “I think it would be fantastic, the world’s greatest film. It would be Mahabharata made like Lord of the Rings — a trilogy. The world would come to see it. The inherent story is one of the most interesting in the world. There are amazing superheroes, 20 times better than X-men — Gods of the sun and wind who can make fire and gales at will. There are monsters, ghosts. It’s really awesome.”

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