As you have probably guessed, King Khan has made his debut on the social networking site Twitter. SRK made his twitter debut on Jan 3 this year and has now been merrily tweeting away for 3 days. Apparently his good buddy and long time tweet guy Karan Johar persuaded the Baadsah to hop on to the tweet wagon.

The very first tweet from King Khan reads as, “Being extremely shy, I never thought I would be here (on Twitter). But my friend Karan Johar insisted that I should learn to share my life.” After explaining his arrival in the tweet world, SRK thanks all his fans who throng to welcome him aboard. “Thanks everyone, this is really sweet I didn’t expect such a warm welcome. Love to you all.” A few tweets later, SRK launches into a discussion of the “navras” or the nine expressions in acting. Talking about his absence from the Bollywood scene in the last year, SRK tweets, “Injury has kept me away from making more films. Will work my back off to be around more the shoulder feels strong and so do I.”

This is not the first time that a Bollywood celebrity has taken to twitter. Mallika Sherawat is one of the most popular Indians on Twitter. Karan Johar, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor and Preity Zinta have also been quite active tweeting to their fans and friends.

The timing of SRK’s being bitten by the twitter bug is a little interesting. Shahrukh’s debut on Twitter seems to be a part of the promotional campaign for his yet to be released My Name Is Khan. If the promos of MNIK are anything to go by, SRK need not worry about this film. Though a lot of marketing goes into the success of films these days, there are a few films that sell themselves. MNIK seems to be one of those!

Shahrukh has once again proved tht he is indeed the King. He has amassed more than 34000 followers on his twitter account in the first 3 days. You can imagine how the numbers will look after a few weeks! If you plan to hop on as a follower, be wary of the many fake accounts that you will find on twitter in Shahrukh’s name. We’ll make it easy for you. Just use this link to find SRK on twitter: http://twitter.com/iamsrk/ Meanwhile, an imposter has built up quite a fan following on twitter by posting all of the real SRK’s posts on his fake account at http://twitter.com/imsrk/

It is too bad that SRK has not put up a profile picture yet. Let’s hope he puts up unseen ones very soon!

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