Sonu Sood certainly has lady luck shining brightly over him!

Not only has be bagged a role in King Ashoka, an ABCL production, but has also received a compliment from none other than Jaya Bachchan! It’s a compliment that any aspiring star can die for!

In his own words:

“Jayaji feels I look like Amitji in his youth.” Can you believe that?

Jaya feels that Sonu looks like Amitabh Bachchan in his younger years! Now, that’s a mighty good compliment!

Thanks to his God gifted face, he got a role in the big banner film!

Obviously the recommendation comes with a lot of expectations.

“I only got to know she recommended me for the role much later. I promise I won’t let the Bachchans down”, he adds.

Now, hopefully he’ll work hard and live up to her expectations!

But does he really fit in the role of ‘junior Big B’ that Jaya Bachchan has allotted him? Does he actually carry the attitude that the angry young man had?

Of course, Jaya Bachchan knows her husband better than anyone else on earth. But as far as Amitji’s fans are concerned, they might not be ready to accept a non-charismatic aspiring actor assuming this new avtar!

Are you?

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