It’s not Shahrukh Khan and it’s certainly not Viveik Oberoi. Not even Shahid Kapur! No it’s not a director fuming over a late appearance on the sets, and it’s not girlfriend Kat either. So who stood up to the Bollywood Brat, Salman Khan?

Salman Khan was supposed to attend a Press Conference in Jaipur to promote his film Wanted. Yes, the crazy action movie with Ayesha Takia! Salman was to appear at the conference after attending an interactive programme with disabled children along with director Prabhu Deva. Both the events were organized in the same hotel, the press conference immediately following the kids’ programme.

But Salman is not notorious for his late appearances for nothing! True to his character, he kept the media waiting for over 90 minutes. Tired of just waiting around for the “hero” to appear, the journalists decided to boycott the press conference and left the venue. As soon as Salman heard of his press conference being boycotted, he ran down to the conference hall, which was empty! Finally, having been put in his place, Salman Khan had to leave without getting to promote his film.

Salman is known to have a big heart and a helping nature. His close friends would vouch for it any day. But he is better known for the enmities he has harbored over the years. It has been over 5 years since Viveik Oberoi called up a press conference that fateful day. But Salman still nurses his wounds and shows no signs of reconciliation in spite of repeated attempts at forgiveness by the junior. One year past the fight with Shahrukh Khan, and Sallu still spits venom when SRK’s name is mentioned. What’s more, a new name Shahid Kapur has been added to the list. Nobody knows what Shahid did to deserve the animosity. But Salman allegedly treated him coldly on his TV show. So is it just dislike or plain jealousy because of which Salman makes so many enemies? Your guess is as good as mine!

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