Some Rare Pictures Of Madhubala

On The Birth Anniversary Of The Effervescent Madhubala, Give A Look To A Collection Of Some Rare Pictures From Her Life And Times

Madhubala And Kishore Photo Still From Movie Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Madhubala And Kishore Photo Still From Movie Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

In This Image: Madhubala, Kishore Kumar
Madhubala And Kishore Photo Still From Movie Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Madhubala Charming Look Photo Still

Madhubala Charming Look Photo Still

In This Image: Madhubala
Madhubala Charming Look Photo Still

Prithviraj Kapoor Visiting Madhubalas Grave Photo Still

Prithviraj Kapoor Visiting Madhubalas Grave Photo Still

In This Image: Prithviraj Kapoor
Prithviraj Kapoor Visiting Madhubalas Grave Photo Still

Madhubala Nice Expression Photo Still

Madhubala Nice Expression Photo Still

In This Image: Madhubala
Madhubala Nice Expression Photo Still

Madhubala Cute Bridal Look Photo From Movie Mughal E Azam

Madhubala Cute Bridal Look Photo From Movie Mughal E Azam

In This Image: Madhubala
Madhubala Cute Bridal Look Photo From Movie Mughal E Azam

Madhubala Glamorous Look Photo Still

Madhubala Glamorous Look Photo Still

In This Image: Madhubala
Madhubala Glamorous Look Photo Still

Madhubala Sizzling And Attractive Photo Still

Madhubala Sizzling And Attractive Photo Still

In This Image: Madhubala
Madhubala Sizzling And Attractive Photo Still

Madhubala And Dilip Kumar Romance Photo From Movie Mughal E Azam

Madhubala And Dilip Kumar Romance Photo From Movie Mughal E Azam

In This Image: Madhubala, Dilip Kumar
rare pictures of madhubala

Madhubala And Dilip Kumar Hug Still From Movie Mughal E Azam

Madhubala And Dilip Kumar Hug Still From Movie Mughal E Azam

In This Image: Madhubala, Dilip Kumar
Madhubala With Her Frequent Co-Star Dilip Kumar, With Whom She Also Shared A Romantic Relationship

Madhubala Cute Smiling Photo In A Qabali Song From Movie Mughal E Azam

Madhubala Cute Smiling Photo In A Qabali Song From Movie Mughal E Azam

In This Image: Madhubala
Madhubala Cute Smiling Photo In A Qabali Song From Movie Mughal E Azam

Madhubala Dazzling Look Photo Still

Madhubala Dazzling Look Photo Still

In This Image: Madhubala
Madhubala Dazzling Look Photo Still

Madhubala Gorgeous Look Photo Still

Madhubala Gorgeous Look Photo Still

In This Image: Madhubala
Madhubala Gorgeous Look Photo Still

Madhubala Cute Expression Photo Still

Madhubala Cute Expression Photo Still

In This Image: Madhubala
Madhubala Cute Expression Photo Still

Madhubala Nice Look With Cute Smiling Still

Madhubala Nice Look With Cute Smiling Still

In This Image: Madhubala
Madhubala Nice Look With Cute Smiling Still

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