This will sound like a scene out of a Hollywood film, but this is no fiction or story.

When Brian Scott met Whitney Kay last year, she already had a 3 year old daughter named Brielle, from a previous marriage. Brian and Whitney fell in love and decided to get married. But Brian did not just become Whitney’s husband, he also became Brielle’s father in every sense of the word. At the wedding ceremony, Brian first made his vows to his betrothed. After making his vows to Whitney, he bent down and made some vows to little Brielle. His simple and heartfelt words brought tears to the eyes of those present, and will move you too. His vows to his new step daughter were:

 “I promise to always hold your hand and skip with you down the street and bring comfort to your life.”

 “I vow to make you say your prayers before you eat.”

 “I promise to read you stories at night and to always tuck you in real tight.”

 “I vow to show you how a man should treat a woman in my relationship with your mother.”

Does this make you wonder if we also need to start writing our own vows as we take the seven pheras? Most of us don’t even remember the vows we made when we took those pheras. What do you think?

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