Nach Baliye Season 7 kicked off last weekend. This season had a lot of hype, excitement and expectation woven around it. After all, they had been promising “too much” this season. But as we saw  the first episode, one thing became clear to the audience. Your frustration was going to be the only too much in this show.

The contestants this year need to learn a lot of dancing before they can hope to be called dancers.

The judges are a serious dud this year. Preity did not impress. Chetan stood out, but only because he is so irritating! Instead of judging contestants on their moves and chemistry, he was seen playing the moral police on the set. He went about giving some morality lessons to all the couples, often meeting curt responses.

One can’t help but wonder, exactly why was Chetan Bhagat judging a dance show? He can barely walk straight, forget about dancing! Did his success as the writer of a few paperbacks somehow make him an expert on dancing? Ekta Kapoor, who is the producer of the show, needs to spend some time thinking hard about her decision to bring in a non-dancer to judge a dance show.

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