So what is Ghanchakkar all about? If we go by movie reviews, it seems the movie is a dull and drab affair. The script can fit in about half a page says one review. One reviwer puts it as “the movie is about a stash of cash which has to be found and the money is found in the end, but that’s 2 hours and 17 minutes of your life that you’ll never see again!”..That’s certainly not complimentary words for a movie that has ambitions to become a blockbuster and that boasts of a cast that is highly acclaimed. 

The story of Ghanchakkar is short and simple. Emraan Hashmi plays Sanju who is a master a breaking locks and Vidya plays Neetu a bored housewife who has an atrocious sense of cooking and an even wierd dressing sense. Sanju is retired from his thievery and leads the life of a couch potato until Neetu goads him into committing one last heist. 

What follows is a terrific bank robbery scene involving a security guard and a matka kulfi, the inventive use of movie-star masks, and the unscheduled arrival of a cop who almost foils the plan. However, Sanju aided by his two accomplices – Pandit (played by Rajesh Sharma) and Idrees (played by Namit Das) makes off with the loot which amounts to Rs. 35 crore in cash. 

What happens after this is what the movie is all about and we will not spoil it for you by revealing everything. However, going by the reviews, watch the movie at your own risk!

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