We have all seen this season’s Bigg Boss house that the celebs will spend over 3 months in. But do you ever wonder where Salman Khan stays when he’s shooting for the show? Salman usually appears twice every week, so it is most likely that he also spends a lot of time in Lonavala when the show is on. Does he also live in the same house? Is there a corner assigned to him in the BB house itself?

NO! It has been revealed that Salman has his own chalet to stay in when shooting for the show. Subhajyoti Dutta, who has designed the Bigg Boss house has also designed Salman’s chalet, just like he did last year too. He says that it is easier to design the Bigg Boss house, as compared to designing Salman’s quarters.

As you see in the picture, Salman has a gym, an ultra modern living room, a lovely bedroom and a veranda. He seems to spend most of his time in the veranda, often eating his meals there too. All the rooms are designed in a way that Salman is visible from the outside and often interacts with his fans outside. Salman’s love for himself is apparent from the decorations which include his own posters and a display of names of his hit films!

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