Secret Live of Bollywood Wives – The show became a guilty pleasure for people across the country. Nobody wanted to admt it but they were all hooked to the show. After all, what’s not to like in a show full of grandiose pompousness that ordinary people would never see in their own lives. We did not even know that ‘coming out’ balls were still being held in this day and age! There is something about this show – nobody wants to admit to loving it. But the show was watched by a lot of people and the audience was especially interested in the guest appearance of Gauri and Shahrukh Khan.

While promoting the show, Gauri had jokingly written “Hey girls…I m gatecrashing season two.” 

This is a promise that the audience has latched on to. Everyone is asking the same question, will we see the power couple Gauri-SRK feature in the season 2? After all which Bollywood wife can have a life more fabulous than Gauri Khan? Since the show has been made by Karan Johan, who is  great friend of Gauri’s, people are expecting that their hopes will bear fruit. Let us wait and watch…

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