Recently, in one of the recent clips, Sidharth Shukla’s comment on Hina Khan declining her friendship has gained all the attention.

A video, from the BB 14 house has been extensively spread on social media, wherein Sidharth’s is declining his friendship with Hina. Yes, you read that right! In the clip, the three seniors are seen sitting in the living area as they get chatty about their personal lives. Hina is heard asking Sidharth, ‘Are you seeing someone?’ (Meaning, are you in a relationship). To which the actor asks, ‘Why do you want to know?’ Hina replies saying, ‘As friends, we’re asking you.’

In a surprising move, Sidharth doesn’t seem very pleased with Hina’s meddling in his personal life and says, ‘Who the ‘f**k are you to ask me this? I’m not your friend dude!’ Hina goes ‘Oh My God’ over Sid’s reply, as Gauahar pokes fun ‘You’re my best friend yaar.’

Sidharth then went on to say, ‘You’re not my friend. Listen, let’s get real alright. You are Hina Khan, I’m Sidharth Shukla, we’re not friends alright. The actor then laughs and continues, ‘This is not friendship, it is co-existence, iske baad, film city ke bahar, you will be on your way, and I on mine.’

Well, we are surprised to see Sidharth declining his friendship with Hina.


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