“Size zero is not healthy. Dieting can ruin your health. Excessive loss of weight can be dangerous.”

Blah Blah Blah!!!

That’s all that such comments amount to, coz Bebo doesn’t care! Who would, when being thin works so beautifully? Yeah, it might be a tad unhealthy. OK, maybe she is spawning an (un)healthy revolution amongst impressionable girls in the country. But who cares? Bebo is the “Queen of Bollywood” right now, and that is what matters.

Even the Tashan debacle has not made any dent in Bebo’s popularity. The producers and directors are still queuing up outside her place. What’s more, Kareena Kapoor has now become a youth icon in her own right. Whereas young teenage girls want to have a slim figure like hers, the guys just adore her.

Bebo’s popularity has reached such a point that recently she was signed on to appear on the cover of an international magazine. She was recently spotted at photo shoot at Chiswick House, a heritage site in London. And poor Saif thought that “he” was the reason Kareena was in London! Anyways, Bebo was put up at the Bentley Hotel and was picked up in a sexy Limousine for the shoot. Who says only Hollywood stars get the “Starry Treatment”?

Not wanting to leave anything to chance, the organizers of the shoot made every effort to help Bebo look lovelier than ever. The clothes and accessories from top designers like Louis Vuitton were especially flown in from the fashion capital Paris for the classic photo shoot that was shot by acclaimed fashion photographer Trevor Leighton. Now what speaks volumes for Kareena’s popularity in the UK is that this heritage site is not normally open for shooting. But our Bebo seems to have conquered the world with her “Size Zero”.

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