Remember that cutely ugly Orge who won the heart of millions across the globe along with an Academy Award for “Shrek”?

Can you believe that your favorite character may have been modeled after a real person?

Maurice Tillet (1910-55) was a professional wrestler in the early years of entertainment-sport. Born in France, he was highly intelligent, could speak 14 languages, was keen on poetry and was even hoping to become an actor one day!

In his twenties, Tillet developed a rare, deadly disease called Acromegalythat caused his bones to grow uncontrollably. Due to this, his body became deformed. Soon he grew into a huge, unnatural ‘ogre’ like figure!

But it was not just the disease that was giving him pains. It was the people around him! People called him by ugly names, mistreated him and forced him to leave his homeland!

Unable to stand against the wind, Tillet fled to America where he started making his living as a professional wrestler. Here, the same body that made him an out cast in France, helped him earn a lot of fame in this profession! He was titled the “Freak Ogre of the Ring”.

Tillet was a very kind man, but had only a few friends. Most people preferred to watch him only in the ring, staying away from him in person. He died a lonely death in 1955.

There is a life-size bust of Tillet on display at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago, Illinois, which was made in 1950.

It is believed that Shrek was modeled after Maurice Tillet.

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