Reshma got the phone call confirming her selection at Datasys Solutions in January. She was so excited at the news of being selected that she did not waste much time before accepting the offer. Reshma joined her new company in February and started regretting her decision by April.

Within a month of joining, she found out that employees had not been paid their salaries for the last 5 months. Needles to say, Reshma has also not been paid her salary even once since she joined. The company cites losses and lack of projects as the reason for failure to pay salaries. But Reshma feels cheated and trapped. If she leaves, she loses her salary for the last 4 months, and may not find a new job easily. So she is sticking around, hoping that some day she will get paid.

It is very important to analyze a job offer before you say “Yes”. Often people say “Yes” to an offer, but change their mind and do not join on the joining date. Sometimes, people change their minds within a week of joining. Either of these scenarios is bad for your career and also for the new company that is hiring you.

Things To Do/Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer

Company Growth: You don’t want to jump on a sinking ship, right? So even before you appear for the interview, find out everything about the company’s business and performances. From stock trends to profit figures, investigate everything that shows which way the company is headed.

Company Culture: When you visit the company office for an interview, look around and observe. Do the employees look happy and motivated, or do they look gloomy and automaton-like? Also observe interactions between different people in the office. This observation will also help you in deciding whether or not you want to be a part of this group.

Your Goals: Does the position offered to you fit in line with your personal goals? Do you think that your career goals and growth can be achieved in this company? Ask questions about the same in the interview. Also try to find out about the company’s organization structure. A very flat structure means few promotions and slow vertical growth. Consider all these things before deciding.

Remuneration & Position: These are two of the most important things to be considered while making this decision. The remuneration should be adequately high than what you would make in your current job with the annual increment added to it. Money is a big motivator, no doubt. But you also need to consider the position offered to you. Does it involve more responsibilities, challenges and opportunities than your present job? If yes, you should go for it.

The Inside Story: Often you will not find important information on the company website. Like in Reshma’s example above, you may never find out such stuff before joining, unless you speak to people working in this company. You can try to look for employees of the company registered on professional networking websites like Linkedin. You could also try to use your social and professional contacts to meet someone working in the company. These people will give you the real story and play an important part in your decision making.

The Bond: Does the job offer come along with a bond that will tie you to this company for n number of years? If yes, you need to think about this, and also consider the amount of the bond. What if you don’t like working there after 6 months and want to quit? Will some other company buy your bond? Is the amount reasonable enough for you to pay off? If not, think very carefully before you say “Yes”.

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