This is completely unprecedented. A celebrity Bollywood actor has been arrested on the charges of rape. Shiney Ahuja, who is critically acclaimed for his performances, was accused of raping his housemaid while his wife and daughter were out of town.

The maid alleged that Shiney threatened her to keep her mouth shut and raped her. In the evening, she complained about the incident to her relatives, who took her to Oshiwara Police Station, where they lodged a complaint. Shiney was brought in for questioning and the maid was sent for a medical examination. Later Shiney was also sent for a medical examination.

Though a section of the media reports that Shiney confessed to having committed the crime, there has been no official confirmation of this news. The official statement is that Shiney has confessed to consensual sex, and denies rape. Shiney’s wife Anu Ahuja stands by her husband and says, “He is a man of character and the family stands by him.”

The film fraternity seems to have been shocked by this turn of events. Director Mahesh Bhatt has condemned the incident and says, “It is a shameful act and it must be condemned. He has confessed and he will be in big trouble.”

Director Anurag Basu feels differently. He has worked with Shiney and is also a good friend of the actor. He says, “If this is true, I will lose faith in humanity and friendship. I have known Shiney for a long time. I don’t think he can commit such a heinous crime. I won’t believe it till I hear it from Shiney himself.”

The latest news is that medical reports have confirmed rape of Shiney’s maid and he has been sent to police custody for 4 days. A senior police officer has reported that the maid is aged between 17-18 years, making her a minor. For the determination of her exact age, she will be sent for bone and teeth tests. If she is proved to be a minor, this could spell big trouble for the actor.

Did Shiney commit rape, or was it really consensual sex? We will find out in time. It is a really shameful incident. The safety of girls in our country is a big issue already. Lenient rape laws and a poor law enforcement system have led to a spurt in crimes against women. Incidents like this can only break the system further. Millions of youth look up to these Bollywood actors and refer to them as stars. What influence such behavior of the stars will have on the youth, time will only tell.

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