It is not unusual for Bollywood to typecast its actors. Even finest actors in Bollywood find themselves being typecast and it is almost impossible to break the mould once it has been set! The fear of being typecast is what bothers Sharad Kelkar also. Sharad Kelkar is one of the finest actors in the industry. He is well known for his acting prowess and also for his singular voice that has been used in big films like Baahubali.

In a recent interview, Sharad Kelkar revealed that he started doing negative roles so that he would not be typecast as one particular character. But once he did some negative roles, he found himself typecast as the bad guy! “I didn’t want to play a typical kind of role. That’s why I play a negative role. But post that, people started offering only negative roles to me. So that way ‘The Family Man’ was important for me.” But now the challenge is to break the mould of supporting actor and find himself meatier roles. Sharad has reached out to producers and directors, urging them to cast him in central roles. “The kind of films I have been doing, like supporting roles, there might be a thing that people consider me as a supporting role. Typecasting happens. It is a humble request to all producers, consider me and put some money on me.” Is anyone listening?

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