Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor have had a release today. Boney Kapoor’s “Milenge Milenge” has finally been released today after a wait of five long years. Yes, this film was made five years ago when Bebo and Shahid were still together as a couple. “Milenge Milenge”, directed by Satish Kaushik faced problems due to the sudden break up of its lead actors. The film never got dubbed and people had almost given up on ever watching this film.

But the film has been released, to the relief of producers and director. “Milenge Milenge” is very special for the audience too. This is quite possibly the last time that Shahid-Bebo will ever be seen again. This fact alone has attracted the audiences to the theatres showing “Milenge milenge”.

But unfortunately, “Shahid-Bebo” pairing is the ONLY reason why anyone will go to watch this movie. From what we’ve heard, there isn’t much else that works for “Milenge Milenge”. Try to remember what Kareena looked like 5 years ago, with layers of make up. Yes, that is exactly what she looks like in this film. Shahid, of course, was still a newbie when “Milenge Milenge” was shot. So he has only a few expressions to share with you. The film was meant to be a romantic comedy. But it seems to have strangely transpired into something else.

As usual, the worst part is the script. “Milenge Milenge” is a direct lift off from Hollywood movies like “Serendipity” and “Stepford Wives”. Add a lot of Indian culture to these films, and you get “milenge Milenge” as the resultant mumbo jumo cocktail. Now, we aren’t saying that Indian culture is bad. But sometimes film makers go overboard with their preaching, don’t they?

Apart from the lead actors and the script, the timing of the movie is also a big negative. The look and feel of the movie is so “old-days”. Satish has his lead lady playing with teddy bears and the male lead is trying hard to play a lover boy. But India has changed so much over the last five years that nothing seems real in this film. The film may have been contemporary when it was made, but it is not in keepingwith the modern times today. Will the audience suck up to a Bollywood masala that wa made for them 5 years ago? What do you think?

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