That Shahrukh has had to undergo surgery for a nagging back pain is known to all and sundry. To all his fans and well wishers, the good news is that SRK is back home all hale and hearty! SRK has been advised rest for about 6 weeks, during which he is not to undertake any strenuous physical activity. That means that Gauri and the kids get to have SRK all to themselves for all that time.

But what makes it interesting is that SRK had a surprise visitor to see him at his residence ‘Mannat’ and the surprise visitor was none other than Big B himself.
It is reported that Big B had expressed his desire to meet SRK in his blog yesterday. On Feb 17 the blog read “ShahRukh has been in hospital for a surgery. I had sent him a message for his speedy recovery. He calls back to thank and inform that he is home. Was getting depressed in hospital he says so came away. Oh ! I was planning on visiting you in hospital. Come home sir, we shall play some games. Do not take after surgery too lightly I warn him, take rest and do not get into any kind of activity. He sounds a little groggy. I shall visit him tomorrow.”
And on Feb 18/19 the Superstar writes, “Amidst all the attention that was required that was work related I was happy to have visited Shahrukh and to have found him cheerful and recovering. There is pain and his left arm is in a sling, but all else is fine. I conveyed some of the wishes that came for him via the blog.”

It is good to know that the two Superstars are not foes or deadly enemies as has been made out by a section of the media. We, at Memsaab, do hope to see them ignite magic once again on the silver screen. For their scores of fans’ sake this news that both of them are friends is great news.

And finally, the Memsaab team wishes the Badshah a speedy recovery!

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