Very soon you will be able to wear clothes inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker, the hot star from Sex and the City. The fashion icon, who has her own line of clothing, is all set to launch two stores in Mumbai. Sarah, who is an actor and producer for “Sex and the City” is a brand in her own. Her dressing style and weird-but-stylish clothes inspire many. The good news is that she is opening two fancy stores for you to shop from wthout having to go abroad.

Sarah is not only launching her stores in Mumbai, she has also chosen the people who she would like to endorse her brand of clothing. For the female clothing line, Sarah’s only choice is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. In Sarah’s words, “Aishwarya has a magnetic personality, beautiful eyes, carries herself well and dresses up aptly for every occasion. Besides, her personal style just adds to her looks.” That sums it up rather well. Aishwarya is not only stylish and glam, she is also the most well known female Indian face abroad.

When it comes to males, Sarah’s vot goes to none other than Shahrukh Khan. She’d like SRK to promote her line of clothing for men because he is stylish and is a really big star in India. Sarah says, “I really like Shah Rukh Khan. I watched a couple of his movies. I can’t recall the titles, but I loved all of them.”

Sarah is keen to strengthen her India connection, going beyond her stores in Mumbai. She confesses that she might want to shoot her next film in India. “We have already reached Abu Dhabi this season, and India isn’t all that far. The next edition of the film could well be in India. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.” Can we expect to see Ash and SRK in “Sex and the City” if the next film is shot in India? Time will tell…

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