Unbelievable, but true! As the stock markets all over the world lose points faster than Bollywood babes lose their clothes, apna SENSEX soars high today. One lucky Friday is all it took for the SENSEX to jump more than 15,000 points! From 12,000 to 30,000: Can financial markets get any better than this? Even the Americans or the Chinese can’t beat us today!

Hey! Before you switch to a news site in order to verify this jumping act of the SENSEX, calm down. This is not really true! SENSEX jumping to 30,000 points is just one of the incidents that happen in Saas, Bahu Aur SENSEX, the big Bollywood release of this week. Director Shona Urvashi has managed to stun the audience with this extremely ridiculous act of the SENSEX in her comedy flick.

Everyone knows that the favorite pastime of most Indian women is to watch the umpteen “Saas-bahu” soaps on the television. But recently, the women have also started taking a big interest in the stock market! Last year, as SENSEX touched 20,000 and still seemed to be growing strong, many men and women suddenly woke up to the attractions of stock trading. That was a time when the lure of easy money and the hopes of a 30,000 pointed SENSEX, urged many people to get DEMAT accounts.

Unfortunately, almost all of those people were cheated out of their expected fortunes! That was the time when writer-director “Shona Urvashi” wrote this film and started to work on it. Little did she know that her portrayal of the stock market in this film would be so far off from the reality! So that’s the explanation for the 30,000 point strong SENSEX in the film. Even though this part of the film is highly ridiculous, it still deserves a dekko for the simple reason that there isn’t much else to do this weekend!

The film revolves around the two interesting themes of “Saas-Bahu” & “Stock Market”. There are some really funny moments in the film. The only problem seems to be that it is a little too long. The cast includes Tanushree Datta, Ankur Khanna, Kirron Kher, Farooq Sheikh, Masumi Makhija, Lilette Dubey, Sudhanshu Pandey and Sharon Prabhakar. We won’t tell you the story here now. Just go and catch those women investing in stocks! Who knows, you might learn a thing or two about stock trading!!!

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