So you had a blast playing Holi! But, what the heck! The colors have not yet gone and you feel that it will take a lot of cleaning for the colors to wash away. And what about the impact it has on your skin and your hair? Well fear not..Memsaab brings to you some easy ways to get rid of the color and to take care of your skin and hair post playing Holi. For starters, playing with color during Holi can lead to rashes and common skin problems such as infections since most commonly available colors are made up of a host of chemicals, powdered glass and pesticides.

The first thing to do is to cleanse your skin and hair thoroughly. Importantly, DO NOT vigorously rub your skin and hair. Be gentle. Try not to wash your skin and hair with water. First rub the color off by using a cloth. Water tends to spread the color over other parts of your body as well.

DO NOT use a soap since soaps are alkaline and can lead to rashes. Use a cleanser that contains aloe vera and lemon. A good home remedy would be to apply coconut oil over the affected parts and then wash it off with cold water. The coconut oil will also take care of the oil paint.

DO NOT wash with warm or hot water. Use cold water instead. Do not use petrol, kerosene or spirits on your skin and these can only further harm your skin. 

For your hair, apply curd mixed with fenugreek seeds. Let this remain for about 25 minutes and then wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. You can also massage your hair with olive oil or almond oil and then wash it off. The best way to get rid of color off your hair is to massage it with coconut oil and wash after 25 to 30 minutes.

DO NOT go for any chemical treatments such as bleach, peels or skin polishing at least for a week after Holi. These can only damage your skin further. Same goes for your hair too. Avoid any treatment at least for a week.

We hope by using the above techniques, you are able to get rid of the color and chemicals off your skin and hair and we hope your Holi was great!


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