TV actor Sara Khan has been under scrutiny ever since she shared a new selfie, which seemingly showed her after a lip surgery. The actor had shared the snap to publicize a new music video featuring her but her supporters on social media could not look past the ‘lip job’.

She posted a close up picture of her face, where her lips look different than her usual self. Soon fans started to troll her and commenting about her lip job, however, Sara loves her new look.

While talking to a media house, she said: “I’m loving it and laughing at it. There is news coming up that my lip surgery has gone wrong. I just want to share that my lip surgery has got completely amazingly done. And I love it myself so much. I’m loving it. I’ve used lip fillers actually, it is not a lip surgery.”

She further added, “So, the people who are saying its lip surgery, are wrong. It’s a lip filler. I want to educate people that there’s a difference between filler and surgery. From my debut show till now, I have only done one thing which is to my lips that too just now. Apart from that, I have groomed myself. But there’s been no surgery.”

Well, what do you think, Is Sara looking better than before or it is vice versa?


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