These are two Babas and both are loved by the country. One is the star of our famous film industry, and the other is a star of spirituality and health revolution. These two Babas were destined to cross paths some day!

Director Mani Ratnam has been toying with the idea of making a film on Baba Ramdev for quite some time now. Baba Ramdev has been an inspiration to lakhs of people in our country. He’s the “yoga guru” who taught us the virtues of Kapal Bhati and Lauki Juice. He’s the fearless visionary who takes a stand against multinationals like McDonalds and Coca Cola. He is the man who has re-introduced Ijndians to the age old system of medicine called Ayurveda. Don’t we all love and respect him? It’s no surprise that Mani wants to make a movie about Baba Ramdev!

Reports say that Mani and actor Sanjay Dutt have bonded big time during the shooting and promotion of their film Knock Out. This friendship and bonding has inspired Mani to consider Sanju Baba for playing the role of Baba Ramdev in his film. Mani says, “I’m very impressed by Baba Ramdev’s Swabhimaan Andolan. I wanted to make a film on the subject for a very long time. It was ominous that while I was in Chandigarh with Baba Ramdev, I got to know that Sanju was blessed with twins. I think the two Babas in my life were always fated to come together.”

Can Sanju Baba play Baba Ramdev? At the moment, NO! Baba Ramdev is so fit and youthful looking. Sanju Baba would probably have to train for at least an year to look the part. He would have to practise Yoga for an year before he could play a Yoga Guru. We hope Mani realises that. But it is a great concept for a movie, and we at Memsaab wish good luck to Mani and his Babas!

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