Basanti is upset.
Basanti is angry.
Basanti throws a tantrum!

Yes! This is what happened on the sets of Dancing Queen recently. This incident occurred during the shooting of an episode where the theme for all performances was “comedy”. But this incident turned comedy into utter tragedy as Hema Malini got angry and walked out on the show!

Hema Malini is judging the dance show aired on Colors, along with jumping jack Jeetendra. As the contestants and their mentors performed their comedy items, things got a little nasty when drama queen Smabhavana Seth performed along with her protégée.

Sambhavana donned the role of Gabbar Singh in this particular performance, and her protégée became the new Basanti. It was just another “Sholay” inspired performance that was both an act of comedy and a salutation to the cult film.

But the spoof did not go down well with the “Original Basanti”. Hema got quite upset at being made fun of. She felt that “Sholay” was too sacred to be made fun of in this manner. So after politely speaking out her mind, she just left the sets. Sambhavana and Shabbir (the host) both got an earful from the judge when they tried to defend the performance.

We wonder why they even bothered! It is really a sensitive subject for people like Hema Malini, who have been so closely associated with Sholay. Wouldn’t it have been a lot simpler to just apologize? Not once did we hear anyone say “Sorry”! That’s too bad….

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