When you are Salman Khan, it is very difficult to find the “right one” to spend your life with. Nation’s beloved Salman Khan remains a bachelor even in his forties because of the generosity of his heart, and his dil-faink attitude. There have been so many women in his life, and almost all of them have used him to gain an entry in Bollywood (or to further their career) and have moved on once they are done with their dreams.

The latest lady love in Salman’s life is Romanian beauty Lulia Vantur. Lulia broke up with her Romanian boyfriend to be pally with Salman. Salman recently introduced Lulia to his family, indicating that this is serious business. There are rumours that Salman’s sister Arpita does not like Lulia. She suspects that Lulia is going to be another addition to the list of women who use  Salman to further their career and then dump him!

We do wish that this one turns out to be the “real soulmate” for Salman and he decides to get hitched finally!

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