Some time back we had heard that Salman Khan and Puneet Issar are planning a film based on the life of Gama Pehalwan. Just in case you have not heard about him, Gama Pehalwan aka Ghulam Hussain was a wrestler born in Amritsar in 1878, and remains one of the most popular heavyweight wrestlers India has seen. Not it has been reported that the film has been shelved, but Salman Khan is producing a TV series on the same topic. This is the first time that Salman is producing content for TV. But this is not the first time he is working for the small screen. In fact, lately we see that Salman is spending more time on TV and less on films. 

Is this a well thought out career progression path? Is it because Salman realizes he cannot forever play the “hero” in Bollywood films? Turning producer does indeed seem like a natural career progression, planning for the time when the star is old enough to be relegated to character roles in films! It does seem like Salman is planning his retirement from his career as a Bollywood hero, and is making smart choices about what he wants to do when his time at the BO is up.

Puneer Issar is still a part of the Gama Pehalwan TV project and is in fact working on the script himself. Sohail Khan has been chosen to play the wrestler, so it is indeed going to be more of a ghar ki kahaani!

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Lavanya Mehra


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