Just what was director Kabir Khan thinking when he decided to make “Ek Tha Tiger”, and what were the producers thinking? Surely they must have read the script, or did they?

Ek Tha Tiger is everything you don’t want to see in a movie. There’s no definitive storyline, the film moves at a snail’s pace, especially in the first half. To top that, Salman Khan looks old and fat! So much for all the hype and media glory that went into giving this film a big opening. Most cinema halls have raised their ticket prices for shows of ETT…probably because they have seen the film and know that they can make money only in the first weekend!

So Salman Khan plays a RAW agent, who is supposed to be all sauve and slick and brave, but what we see is an old and paunchy Salman who can, of course, beat everything and everyone to pieces. The legendary Salmanisms are missing, no memorable dialogs in this film. Katrina plays an ISI agent, doesn’t that sound like you have heard it before? The two fall in love and decide to elope, despite resistance from thir respective colleagues. The whole film is about their colleagues trying to chase them down and drum some sense into them, but the couple defy everyone and fly away! So this is not really what you could call a slick spy film. There is no real action or scenes that make you sit on the edge of your seat and wonder with excitement. The music is also forgettable. All in all, a very disappointing film.

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