Rockstar a story of Janardan to become Jordan. Ranbir Kapoor is a simple boy from Delhi who dreams big whose idle is Rock star Jim Morrison & he dreams to be like him as a Musician & a Rock Star. Naturally Ranbir’s friend laughs at him because the people think he just doesn’t have it in him. But few days later he noticed one thing that every big rock star or a musician has a common thing that they have some tragedy in their life or a tragic incident happened or some where their heart broken but Janardan’s life is going through a simple & calm way at that time he believes to be a rock star it’s necessary to break the heart. A girl staying at their colony called “Heer” a newcomer Nargis Fakhari, Initially he started a friendship with her, later she get married but later she fall into love with ranbir. So we have to watch for that does he have a heart break? Does he become a rock star? Does his dream come true? What he looses what he gained that’s what the second half of Rockstar is all about. 

A journey of a simple Delhi boy to become a Rock star, so that’s what the movie about. It’s a movie of Imtiaz Ali. Most of the Ali’s movies gives a different taste, so in this movie he has given a different story with a different style of screenplay & story narration and performances are fantastic. Ranbir Kapoor & Nargis Fakhari did a good quality of work, especially ranbir’s performance in this movie is an award worthy act. Nargis Fakhari is also a very prominent debut and other supporting actors worked very well. It’s a musical saga of the legendary Oscar winner A.R.Rehaman. Most of the songs are in a Suffian melody.

So overall it’s a good movie that’ll bind the viewers in theaters.


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