The plot of Code M series spins around an Indian Army Lawyer Monica Mehra (Jennifer Winget) who notices an intrigue conspiracy while inspecting a military encounter case.

Jennifer Winget carries the entire show on her shoulder, mixing beauty with badassery. She’s well supported by Tanuj Virwani, Rajat Kapoor and the rest the cast, most of my high feature relatively new faces. Shubhra Chatterji, Aniruddha Guha Aparna Nadig, Sulagna Chatterjee script has enough merit to keep you hooked and throws up enough surprised to make you keep guessing.

Jennifer Winget has done an excellent job as an Army Lawyer. Monica Mehra is a lawyer in the Indian Army, who investigates and files a report on the recent killing of suspected terrorists. The secondary cast has added so much to the script, especially by Rajat Kapoor. It is a well-written script that keeps you guessing what is going to happen next? The direction of the series could be better. In an outer layer, Jennifer is all set to treat you with a lot more revelations. The action sequence, the suspense & dialogues all will tempt you well.

On the whole, Code M looks like an exciting show that’s let down somewhat by a bit of slapdash technical work. Nevertheless, a good story is still a good win, and Jennifer Winget more than makes up for the lack of technical dexterity as also her Director’s sporadic insipidness.


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