It truly is the age of malls. Every time you visit a city, you are likely to see new shopping malls lining the landscape. No matter which city you live in, the mall mania has hit them all! Some people say that the mall is nothing but a bigger version of the departmental store. Really?

Kirti Srivastav says that she never buys anything from the shopping malls because she finds the shops too daunting and awe inspiring. We say “good for you, Kirti”! Memsaab has complied a list of Top Reasons why you should NOT shop in the shopping malls.

Top Reasons Why You Should Give Malls A Miss When Shopping

Time Required: Going to a mall entails spending at least a couple of hours. You can do your shopping in the neighborhood stores on any evening after work. But going to a mall can be accomplished only on weekends.

Dress To Compete: Going to a shopping mall is like going on a war. Even before you start buying stuff, you have to put in a lot of effort in the “dress to compete” department. All the women in a mall are constantly checking each other out and comparing to see who is better dressed. Too much of an effort and too much pressure!

Parking: The parking lot in the malls always seem to be full. Our numbers (population in India) are so high that no space can ever be enough. Most people find it too stressful to look for a space in the parking lot, park and then retreive their car.

The Crowd: If you are still in a jolly shoping mood, expect it to be cut short with the bumping and jostling that awaits you inside the mall. The crowd is really amazing and you wonder if the whole city has been packed into that one shopping mall! The worst thing is that the crowd is most likely to be the worst in the store where you are hoping to shop. That’s how it always is!

Prices: The prices of almost everything are very high in a shopping mall. The simple reason is that all the stores have to bear a very high rental cost along with other maintenance expenses. Who’s paying for all that? YOU! The seller’s costs are factored into the price of each product. The only possible exception is “Big Bazaar”, which gives discounts no matter where it is located.

Confusion: Every buyer ends up confused in a mall. When there are so many stores to buy from, and so many products to choose from, how does one make a decision? You go out to buy a pair of blue jeans, and you come back with an embroidered skirt with two blouses to go with it. Two weeks later, you are again in the same mall, looking for your blue jeans!

Food Court: The food served in food courts inside the malls is touted to be hygienic and fresh. But what about the taste? Let’s face it, this “hygiene” is a little too expensive as well! You can get a plate of mouth watering pani puri near your home for just Rs. 10. But the “hygienic” variety in the malls comes between Rs. 30-40. Is it really worth it, especially since the taste isn’t that great either?

Just try and do a comparative analysis on the whole issue. You spend money on petrol, you pay parking fee, you buy things at a higher price, you spend money on snacking…and most probably you end up buying something which won’t be used much. So what’s the point?

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