Suchitra is getting married in a month. She comes from a small town and has not had much experience in the beauty treatment department. She has been booked for a facial next week, but she is more scared than excited. She does not know what to expect and how to behave. 

This is a common situation – anxiety before a beauty treatment. A beauty treatment like a facial leaves you vulnerable and open in front of a stranger. This is why it causes anxiety, especially the very first time. But the truth is that a facial can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Here is what to expect and how to prepare for your first facial.

– It is important to be clean when you arrive for your facial. So get a shower and shampoo your hair before going in. If you don’t, your stink will make both you and your facial therapist uncomfortable.

– You will be asked to wear a loose gown or a robe before the treatment begins. This is only so that the therapist can treat/massage your shoulders and the area around your neck. 

– If you really wish to relax, it is perfectly fine to to be quite and let yourself go. Do not feel compelled to chat with the therapist.

– Your skin will undergo a lot of stretching, cleaning etc. Carry a good sunscreen with you and apply it amply on your skin after the treatment so that your kin is not damaged by exposure to sun.

– Your skin might become red or sore after certain types of facials. So it is best to get a facial at the beginning of a weekend so that your skin has time to get back to normal. Facials are best avoided on D-Days or even a day before.

– If you worry about the treatment being painful, don’t. Facials are typically very relaxing and far from being painful!

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Lavanya Mehra


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