We all know that Ranveer Singh is currently working on 83, the film based India’s Cricket World Cup win in the 80’s. Ranveer is playing the role of Kapil Dev, India’s cricket team captain at the time of this historic win. This film is slated for release in April 2020. But may people want to know what is next for Ranveer. The popular actor has put all speculation to rest by announcing his next project.

In Ranveer’s own words, ” I have been immensely fortunate to have collaborated with some of the finest filmmakers of our country. It is humbling and gratifying that they believed in my craft and chose me to lead their cinematic vision. All that I have achieved as an actor today is due to these titanic cinematic forces having put their faith in me. I am glad that today I find myself in a position where I can recognise exceptional talent and wholeheartedly back the vision of a brilliant new writer-director like Divyang. Jayeshbhai Jordaar will be my next release after 83. Jayeshbhai Jordaar is a film with a big heart. In its concept as well as in its appeal, it encompasses the broadest spectrum of the cinema-loving audience — its a film for everyone! It is, in fact, a miracle script that YRF found for me out of nowhere. The sheer brilliance of the writing compelled me to immediately green-light this film. Both humorous and poignant, Jayeshbhai Jordaar is right up there with the most solid on-paper material I have ever come across.”

If Ranveer says this film will be entertaining, we can expect it to certainly be so!

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