A few days ago, when Randeep Hooda hit the road, it was for a special reason. The actor was driving his newest acquisition, a vintage Willys 4×4 Jeep, to his shooting location from Moga, Punjab. He had been aiming to own one for 30 years. Randeep says, “Till quite late in my childhood, I used to play with toy figures of military vehicles, mostly from World War II. I wanted to have one of those, and now, 30 odd years later, I have finally got one. I’m so excited and thrilled to have managed to get a really good piece.” Describing his first journey in the vintage four-wheeler, Randeep shares, “The first drive was to bring it back from Moga, Punjab, to where I am shooting. It was late evening and the wind in my hair, the lilting music, and the power of this beauty under the moonlight was a feeling that I’ll remember for a long time to come.”

Randeep says, “I hope to repeat the experience as often as I can. The only pit stop I really had in the 120 km ride back was when my father called me.

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Richa Sharma


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