Yeah! And this time it is THE Ranbir Kapoor. The handsome Son of a handsome super star who deserved a big bang launch with a super hit movie! But for Ranbir, destiny had a different plan.

His first, overhyped movie flopped. The cute boy, who was introduce in a hatkeway, wrapped in a towel, was lablled as an Item boy for his skin show in the film!

Sawariya, Ranbir’s first film was mocked at in every possible filmi function! Yet, the actor managed to emerge as the face of the year! Kuch toh baat thi is ladke mein!

Aur who baat ab nazar aayi hai! The timid, gay-looking actor has finally transformed into a sexy, young superstar… thanks to Bachna Ae Haseeno.

Bachna Ae Memsaabs! This guy is here to rock Bollywood and rule the hearts of millions of girls!

He calls himself a Killer in the movie. And oh… killer he is! It was almost like the Yash Raj camp realized just in time that Ranbir’s potential needs to be tapped in the right way. And made a movie just for him!

In the triumph of his latest movie, the sad story of his debut can easily be forgotten!

In fact, there was nothing wrong in Rambir Kapoor. He was just in the wrong film! But now he is flooded with offers and hopefully by now he has learnt how to pick the right movies for himself!

All the best!

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