Almost all of us believe that Reality Shows are fixed. Call it cynicism, if you may, but we have learnt from experience that there’s nothing like “Reality” on TV. From Bigg Boss to Nach Baliye, all the shows invite the audeince’s votes, but they don’t seem to really care much about the votes.

But Rakhi Ka Swayamvar is a completely different show. This woman is putting her life on line here, how can it be a sham? Thinging so, people had great expectations from the show. The show is definitely a hit. It is fun and entertaining to the hilt. But as it progresses in its second week, doubts have begun to arise about its “reality” content.

The show kicked off last week with a demure, gharelu, shy and sanskaari Rakhi. 16 young men vied for the damsel’s attention in the first episode, as they came armed with all kinds of gifts. Numerous Ganeshas, a wedding outfit, a teddy bear, a gold bracelet…almost everything a girl could ask for! The men themselves are an interesting lot. They comprised many struggling actors, businessmen, an astrologer, a stuntman, a model, a policeman and even an advocate!

First of all, the change in Rakhi Sawant – the drama queen’s demeanour has surprised everyone. Yes, she looks pretty and has even imbibed a little grace. But she seems to have lost herself in an attempt to look coy and gharelu. Was this really required? After all, she cannot keep up the pretence all her life, duh!

Yesterday, Atar, the policemen from Kashmir, revealed that he is already married. What’s more, he has 3 children also. His parents and his wife have no problem with his aquiring a second wife, so he covets Rakhi to fill the slot. His explanation: Islam allows a man two wives.

Fine by us! But how did this guy appear on the show and manage to stay on through the first week, without anyone knowing about his first wife? Isn’t the channel or the producer supposed to carry out a background check on the aspiring grooms? This is not some singing or dancing show. It’s a show about real life, supposedly. Had Mr. Atar not mentioned his first wife yesterday, Rakhi might have ended up marrying him without knowing about his first marriage. C’mon now, is that possible? DO you really buy this crap?

This incident has proved that the show is more hoopla and nautanki, and less reality. What is being shown, may not necessarily be the truth!

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