Shocking news from the world of Bollywood – businessman Raj Kundra has been arrested on charges of producing and distributing pornography.
Raj Kundra, who is better known as the husband of Shilpa Shetty, was named by a former assistant. On investigation and questioning, the police found him to be key conspirator. It is being said that Raj Kundra was streaming pornographic content through apps and women were paid Rs 10,000 for pornographic clips. These women have claimed that they were lured with offers of working in web series, but were made to work in porn films instead. Hotel rooms and houses were rented for this purpose.

Youtuber Puneet Kaur has accused Raj Kundra of approaching her with offer to work in ‘Hotshots’. It is being said that Raj has set up the company’s ownership in UK in partnership with his family, to avoid the anti-porn laws in India. What a shocker!

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