Fashion has always been a part of the movie industry. With every award functions, celebrities make sure that they look their best in order to gain the blue eye. Recently during the IIFA awards, we saw many celebrities experimenting their fashion sense. But what captured our attention was the rainbow sari that Sonakshi wore for the award event. The sari made severe fashion statements and we are still thinking about why Sonakshi actually choose it to wear it for such a prestigious red carpet event.

However, Sonakshi’s experiment failed drastically. Her dress becomes the center of trolling and it became worse when the trolling becomes severe on Twitter. Trolls and taunts have become a drift on Twitter and Sonakshi became their latest pillage. From comparing Sonakshi’s look with an Australian macaw to calling her the worst dressed actress on IIFA 2017, people on twitter didn’t leave a chance to disdain her.

On the award event, Sona’s appearance was a questionable topic amongst fashion critics. Sona’s blonde hair and her multicolored sari was the most fatal combination of fashion and beauty. While we don’t condemn of her colored hair, we believe that a western outfit with that hairdo would have looked a lot better.  The sari and the colored hair wasn’t the style statement we were looking forward to. The rainbow sari just murdered Sona’s fashion sense and her fashion achievements so far.

What were you thinking Sona?

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