Bigg Boss 14 is showjumping high on success as the show is edging towards the finale. The makers are also leaving no stones unturned to make the show interesting, recently, we saw Vikas Gupta getting evicted from the Salman Khan’s show. The Mastermind was given the opportunity to use his Joker Card, however, he accepted the decision of the audience and said alvida to the show.

As the new week has started to spice up, so is the fight to save oneself from the nominations. In the last episode, we can see Bigg Boss announcing the Nomination Task wherein the housemates had to write the name of the contestant who deserved to get safe from the task.

Now as you all must be keen to know who will get save among all the contestants then here we are with the news straight from the BB house. As per Bigg Boss media news, the decision stayed in the hand of Nikki Tamboli as she was the last one to cast her vote to save a contestant from nominations. And to everyone’s astonishment, she sided with Rahul Vaidya and saved him from this week’s nomination. As a result, all the contestants except Rahul Vaidya are nominated this week.

Do you think Rahul deserved immunity this week? Well, for more details on Bigg Boss, keep watching the show.


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