Reports suggest that Rahul Mahajan is taking his new role of the “groom-to-be” quite seriously. As announced so many times in the advertisements, Rahul’s swayam-var (or should we be saying “swayam-vadhu”) may really culminate in a grand wedding. It seems that Rahul has indeed decided to settle down with the girl who wins this show.

But what most of us don’t know is that Rahul mahajan had his sights set on 2 pretty NRI babes who had sent in their applications for participation in Rahul’s swayamvar. Even though Rahul had shortlisted these two girls, they could not be included in the final list of selected participants. The reason was that they did not have valid work permits that were required for participation in a reality show on TV.

But NDTV Imagine takes its role of the “facilitator of weddings” very seriously. So within a very short span of time, they have arranged all the required documents and permits for these two girls. The intention is to surprise Rahul in the next episode by bringing in these two ladies as new participants. Rahul may jump for joy on seeing his two favorite NRI girls back in the running.

One of these girls is Devinder Sidhu, who is VJ Teejay Sidhu‘s sister. The other young lady is Shannti Dinno. Shailaja Kejriwala, Executive Vice President for content of the channel, said, “Yes, we initially did not get the work permit as they were foreign nationals. However, when we managed to get their permits we thought of giving a surprise to Rahul. He was disappointed with their non inclusion in the show because he had shortlisted these two girls.”

So while Rahul “Kanhaiya” Mahajan is basking in all the attention, praises and love of the gorgeous ladies, we ask you a simple question. Which is your favorite contestant on the show? Who, in your opinion, will make a good wife for the rich and powerful Mahajan lad? Do you think that a lovely young girl like Dimpee would make the ideal life partner? Or should he choose the young lecturer Tannu, who has made a life and career for herself on her own? Should he choose the innocent, grounded and honest Sonia Kaur from Jammu? Or would you like to see him marry Nikunj, who is disliked by almost all the girls?

Or do you think that none of these ladies is “wife material” for Rahul Mahajan? If that is the case, let us see if the newbies- the NRI babes, fit the bill!

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