When they were seen in the Bigg Boss House, everyone noticed the chemistry between Rahul Bhatt and Aanchal Kumar. Both the youngsters are good looking, and single. But if reports are to be believed, they are single no more!

Rumors have been going around about an alleged link up between Rahul and Aanchal. The rumors started when they were both in the house. But instead of dying with time, the rumors have only become stronger. Confirming these rumors, Rahul Bhatt recently admitted to a tabloid that he is indeed seeing Aanchal Kumar. In his confirmatory statement, Rahul said, “Yes Aanchal and I are seeing each other. We’ve been dating for a month now. It takes me a long time to open up with people. I have very few friends and after what I’ve gone through (the Headley episode) I’m even more wary of new contacts.

We sure hope Papa Bhatt is happy to see his son involved with a young and happening model. Should we expect to see both Rahul & Aanchal in one of the Bhatt camp movies in future? The sequel to “Jism” perhaps? But wasn’t that the film which Veena Malik wanted to do reportedly?

When asked about his feelings for Aanchal, Rahul candidly admits, “She is honest, trustworthy and a lovely person. I’m looking at a long-term relationship.” How nice and sweet! But then why did Rahul and Aanchal spend their New Year celebrations seperately?

While Aanchal was spotted celebrating New Year sans Rahul in Goa, he was not even spotted in Mumbai. When enquired about his conspicuous absence, a shy Rahul added, “This year, I was with my close group of friends in Pune. But next year, I promise I’ll be in Goa with Aanchal.”

We just love it when celebrities come clean about their relationships. But this relationship is only half confirmed yet. Model Aanchal Kumar is still going by the typical “We are just friends” stance. So much for coming clean!

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Lavanya Mehra


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