Two of the biggest films of this year released yesterday. Shahrukh Khan’s Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil have both been the talk of the town ever since we found out that they were releasing on the same day. Media reports have indicated that there is some sort of unpleasantness between SRK and Rakesh Roshan due to this, but we really hope that both the films do exceptionally well. More so, because these are both great films.

A Short Review of Raees: This is a true masala potboiler for all Bollywood fans. It is a rags to riches story- cum- 70’s angry young man- cum- Robinhood sort of story that will click with the masses for sure. You will probably not be too happy with the ending, but that is how it’s meant to be! It is an action film, SRK’s best action till date. This film will make you forget Raj and Rahul, and look at SRK in a new light!

A Short Review of Kaabil: It is a revenge story that will remind you of Badlapur from recent times and also Aankhen from a few years ago. That’s because Hrithik and his wifey Yami are both visually impaired. The film is about how Hrithik exacts his revenge inspite of this handicap. The film moves at a good pave, has good direction and awesome performances. The baddies have put in very good work too. It is a must watch for all you filmy people out there who just love the movies!

So basically, both these movies are unmissable!


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