“Raavan kabhi marta nahi. Issi liye tum har saal usse jalate ho”

I believe, this is best line in the movie and the bad guy got that. Although RA One was able to fetch 3 and 4 stars in all most all kind of Movie Review, I believe it’s mediocre movie and I will not give more than 1 and 1/2 star.

All the blaim goes to Director Anubhav Sinha. SRK should have picked a better director. Although the most expensive hindi movie has the best special effects, but it’s empty within. I never got the feel of “Main Hoon Na” where SRK does fight with the bad guy Ragavan.

The worst part is those 4 script writers, who did a very bad job which spoiled the party.

May be my expectation from the movie little more and I only got a half baked movie. Hope SRK does take care of these things in the sequel. 


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