Fear Factor on Colors is all set for its 3rd innings. But this time there won’t be a bevy of beauties lined up to perform scary tasks given to them by the original Khiladi. no girls, and no hottie called Akshay Kumar either!

So exactly what should you expect in Fear Factor 3? The host has changed. Daring hunk Akshay Kumar has been replaced by the bold and beautiful Priyanka chopra. The contestants are also going to change. If you are expecting so watch a line up of India’s hottest female models and actors, you are sure to be disappointed this time.

This season’s contestants will be a group of cricketers!!! The 13 contestants will include hot cricketers from all over the world. Virender Sehwag, Brett Lee and Adam Gilchrist are a few names being mentioned. An inside source reveals, “Last year we had a very suitable location in South Africa. Brazil was yet another option we had and then we did a recce there. We found out that most of the beach places were useful for the show. So now we will start shooting there in the middle of the year. Before that we will hold auditions in various cities of the country to choose partners for the 13 cricketers.”

New host, new contestants, new locations…sounds just too exciting! What do you think?

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