Priyanka Chopra feels deep sorrow for promoting skin lightening creams. The actress, who used to be part of campaigns for fairness creams when she was solely working in Bollywood, had received a lot of backlash as there have been discussion about how skin lighteners promote colorism and racism. In her latest interview, Priyanka talked about how as a kid she believed that black skin was not pretty. Priyanka stopped partaking in such campaigns after moving to Hollywood.

In conversation with Marie Claire, Priyanka said, “(Skin lightening) was so regularized in South Asia; it’s such a large industry that everyone was doing it. In fact, doing it is still a check (mark) when you are a female actor, but it’s awful. And it was awful for me, for a little girl who used to put talcum-powder cream on my face because I believed that dark skin was not pretty.”

In an earlier interview with Barkha Dutt, the actress had said that she felt bad about promoting such products and that’s the reason she backed out from doing the same. Priyanka had even mentioned that all her cousins were fair while she was dusky. And it was at the age of 13, that she wanted to use fairness creams and wanted her complexion changed. The actress had even said that her Punjabi family would call her ‘kaali kaali kaali’ for fun.

It was recently when Priyanka spoke about the resentment she experienced after endorsing skin-whitening creams in India. As a result of the same, the actress stopped participating in such campaigns when she moved to the West to build her career.


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