The media has been abuzz with rumors of Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia break up. Unlike other rumored link ups and break ups, this one seems to be more than a mere rumor. It seems that the smoke is not without any fire in this case!

Preity Zinta sent out am email to all the members of her Kings XI Punjab IPL team, where she has clearly stated that she is not romantically involved with Ness Wadia, the co-owner of the team. She has informed the team members that she shares only a cordial professional relationship with Ness.

If you are wondering why Preity had to announce to the world of her break up with Ness, it’s really simple. Due to all the rumors and gossip, the team members were never comfortable around Preity or Ness. This led to a lot of hush-hush whispers and speculation about the two.

Now being a huge stakeholder in the Kings XI Punjab team, Preity had no intentions of letting her team be distracted with anything. So just to clear the air, she sent out this email to her team mates. Trust Preity to be a thorough professional in every sphere. In clearing the air through her email, Preity Zinta has shown her maturity and clarity of thought. In an I ndustry where people like to hide behind just friends tag, Preity has always been open about her relationship with Ness. So why should we be surprised at her being open about their break-up as well?

Inside sources reveal that Preity and Ness have not really broken up. They are merely taking time off from each other. Apparently, they need time to think clearly and see if their differences can be sorted out. Perhaps this is why Ness has not yet informed his family about the changed personal equation between Preity and himself? So while Preity is staying at a hotel in Cape Town, just like her friends Shahrukh Khan and Shilpa Shetty, Ness has taken up abode in a service apartment in the city for the entire duration of the IPL. The IPL does bring the two together on a common platform often, but the warmth of their relationship is noticeable by absence!

We do hope that Preity and Ness can work out their differences. Here’s wishing loads of good luck to both and to Kings XI Punjab boys as well…

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