It is Pooja vs. Pooja yet again! And this time they are fighting outside the Bigg Boss House. Pooja Mishra the angry young woman has sent a legal notice to Pooja Bedi. And what prompted her to do this? It seems Pooja Mishra is livid about the defamatory comments that Pooja Bedi made in media and public after Pooja Mishra’s twitter account was hacked and some indecent tweets were made against some big stars such as Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Farah Khan and Vijay Mallaya.

When Pooja Mishra was quizzed as to why she sent a legal notice to Pooja Bedi, she said “Pooja Bedi has always been a culprit in spreading rumours and making defamatory comments against me. In “Bigg Boss”, she was the one who started buzzing about me that I have a psychological imbalance. Then, she went ahead saying that I am suicidal! Now again she has started bad mouthing about my psychological imbalance after the recent twitter account incident. Who is she to certify my mental sanity? I am a single girl and I’m very busy with my work. She is also linking me with somebody who is married and I find it very ridiculous. I am not like her who is dating random men. I am planning to get married in a couple of years.”

Well Well! Our message to both the Poojas – You girls rock! What would our life be without your sparring. Keep it up!!!

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