Who can ever think of film celebrities struggling with alcohol intake problems? It’s common when you are in the limelight it’s easy to celebrate the success with a chunk of curvy wine and champagne bottles. Something similar happened to Bollywood actress Pooja Bhatt, but her struggle to move on in her life without alcohol is a true travail everyone should know about.

Miss Bhatt grew up in an environment where drinking wine or beer is being considered very normal. She has been drinking since she was 16, but now at this point of her age, her realization of taking alcohol being a bad idea has really made her strong and vulnerable.

It’s been ninety days since actress-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt quit drinking alcohol and she has been immersing herself in this moment of accomplishment. Explaining her addiction to alcohol as disgraceful,’ Pooja said that she has won half the battle by acknowledging the fact.

In a recent media interaction, Pooja said that “I’m celebrating my 90 days of sobriety. I quit drinking because I thought somewhere I had fallen into that trap of addiction myself and the only way to get out of it was to acknowledge it to myself,” “We try to brush things under the carpet. People put up this facade that they are under control by saying things like: ‘It’s socially acceptable. I am not that drunk’,” she added.

She made a resolution in last year’s Christmas eve to quit drinking alcohol since her health was deteriorating and it was a sudden need to stop consuming alcohol anymore.“It is not alcohol you are addicted to; it’s the absence you are attracted to the most. Senior Bhatt is now trending examples for many people who struggle to quit liquor.

Kudos to you Miss Bhatt we appreciate your effort.


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