To office and back. It’s the same story everyday: tensions, arguments, pressures, deadlines, targets and competition. And as if the office work is not enough to make our life complex, there is an additional headache of office politics!

For some, it is their source of survival at the organisation. But for sincere, non-political people like you, it may be a threat to your survival in the company. Because while the cunning politicians in your organisation walk away with the piece of cake, you may be left gasping for what you truly deserve!

Here are a few tricks that can help you play safe at the office.

Keep it professional
Don’t try and sneak into people’s personal lives because this will open their door to our personal life too. Such information is a very lethal weapon to play the dirty games at the workplace.

Don’t make enemies
Even friends tend to backstab you for money and position, leave alone enemies! So, this risk is just not worth taking. Even if you hate a person with all that you have, don’t make it open and obvious. Because if not your enemy, someone else might be eyeing you to take advantage of this fact!

Don’t be a bundle of complains
Har organisation perfect nehi hoti… use perfect bana padhta hai. And even if you think this is too filmi, just keep your complaint box to yourself. Of course you can crib about it with your friends outside office and family. But with your colleagues, you got to be careful! You cannot make anyone look bad in front of others.

Don’t intimidate superiors
There can be nothing more serious than the clash of two superiors. You will be stuck in the middle and will have no where to go! Rather than becoming a “pet” of any of the bosses, you will end up complicating your own work life! Whose orders will you listen to, especially if the order is pitched at crumbling the other superior? And in a serious political situation, never criticize a boss in front of another boss or even employees!

Find common ground with others
This is the best way to stay out of the political tangle. When the scheming people will consider you one of them, they will not use you as a pawn to serve their interests. At the same time, you must not take sides to gain their confidence or favour. You need to cultivate a harmless, positive, pleasant, simple and accurate image of yourself.

And lastly, of course, never act bossy over your subordinates until you get a share in the company’s profits! Any resentment against you in the levels down below can have serious side effects.

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