The case of Arushi Talwar’s brutal murder hasn’t even been solved and people from films and television are already ready to sensationalise the real life tragedy! One of them being, the lady who rules the Indian television soaps, Ekta Kapoor!

She wanted to cash on the golden opportunity and sell the tragic story of Arushi’s murder through her melodramatic soaps. But in her wild chase of the TRPs, she forgot how sensitive an issue it was!

Naturally, Arushi’s Mother, Nupur Talwar was deeply hurt and upset over the developments. In protest, she had filed a complaint with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights against TV channels and a production house.

According to Nupur, the production house was planning to incorporate the murder as part of a TV serial and ‘glorify honour killing’. She demanded an apology from TV channels and a strict action to be taken against them.

Sources say that Ekta’s intensions to use this murder case did not end with sensationalising it as a part of one of her Kahanis. Using her favourite tactic, she was actually planning to stretch the drama until the case was solved! The supposed track was to be about the murder of Parvati‘s 16-year-old granddaughter, Tanu. The character was to be murdered along with another person at home.

Imagine the torture that Arushi’s mother and other loved ones would have gone through, watching the tragic incident become a source of entertainment for millions of people!

Thankfully, after Mrs. Talwar’s plea to the commission saying “Please don‘t commercialise our tragedy”, the commission has decided to serve a notice to Ekta. It will direct her not to make a serial on a child who is no more and whose case is still pending.

Hopefully, now other film and television production houses will also take the hint and think twice before taking such a reckless decision of using a sensitive story for a commercial purpose!

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